11.2.10 - New Kevin and The Octaves EP "Guile" now available

Kevin and The Octaves' new EP "Guile" is now available on iTunes. The band is fresh off placements in TV's One Tree Hill and a movie promo for Jackass 3D. Don't forget to see their annual Christmas show 12/18 at the Southgate House in Newport, KY.

8.1.10 - Hear Kevin and The Octaves in ABC Family show "Huge"
Kevin and The Octaves song "Get Up Get Moving" is in Monday's episode of "Huge." Watch the episode HERE. The song is available as a single on iTunes, and is on the band's upcoming EP. The EP will also feature the song "Upbeat Beatdown," which was recently heard in a TV commercial for Scribblenauts.

12.15.09 - Kevin and The Octaves releases "Smash The Classics"
Kevin and The Octaves new album Smash The Classics is now available on iTunes.

9.13.09 - More TV for Kevin and The Octaves
Kevin and The Octaves landed their second straight season finale of USA's Burn Notice, with their song "The Battle Of Whiskeytown" in the season 3 finale. If you missed it, you can view the episode online HERE. It plays with about 17:16 left. Another Kevin and The Octaves song "Punching Bag" can be heard in the episode of 90210 this Tuesday 9/15 on The CW.

3.6.09 - Heard Kevin and The Octaves in USA's Burn Notice?
If you tuned in last night to the season finale of USA's Burn Notice, you heard the Kevin and The Octaves version of Jingle Bells playing during the episode! It played during a scene where Bruce Campbell's character teaches an old lady how to make explosives out of Christmas lights - and we're not even making that up! If you missed it, it will be on several more times - check your local TV listings.

12.9.08 - Kevin and The Octaves song in Lifetime Original Movie
Kevin and The Octaves version of Jingle Bells plays in the Lifetime Network original movie Will You Merry Me? which airs Saturday December 13th at 9PM EST.

11.3.08 - Kevin and The Octaves Xmas album out now!
Kevin and The Octaves Christmas album "Hang Your Stocking Start The Rocking" is officially out! It's in stores, and also available on iTunes, Amazon, and Interpunk.

10.31.08 - Free Halloween Song download from Kevin and The Octaves
Happy Halloween! Here's a treat. Head to www.niceguyrecords.com/monstermash.htm to download a FREE MP3 of Kevin and The Octaves version of the song "Monster Mash." Enjoy!

8.17.08 - The Scrubs in The Rocker trailer
The song "Passing Through" by The Scrubs currently plays in a trailer for the film The Rocker, in theaters August 20th. Click HERE to watch the trailer on YouTube. The song is from the album "Return To The Basement" and can be downloaded from iTunes or Amazon MP3.

7.18.08 - Nice Guy artists in Bachelor Party 2 trailer
Songs by 3 different Nice Guy artists - Kevin and The Octaves, The Scrubs, and The Fonzarellies - can currently be heard in the TV trailers for the film Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation.

7.1.08 - Get a free album from the new Rhapsody MP3
Rhapsody now has an MP3 store, just like iTunes and AmazonMP3. It's not just a subscription thing anymore. Nice Guy releases are available in the new Rhapsody MP3 Store, full lengths for $9.99 and EPs for $4.99. They're giving away a free album if you visit before July 4th. We suggest you head on over and get a free Nice Guy release!

6.14.08 - Kevin and The Octaves in Don King's Prizefighter game
Nice Guy's own Kevin and The Octaves have a song in the new video game Don King Presents Prizefighter, out now on Xbox 360 and coming soon to Nintendo Wii and DS. They join other artists like George Clinton, Iggy Pop, Run DMC, Boston and Kottonmouth Kings on the soundtrack. Kevin and The Octaves' Christmas album comes out later this year. Check out the game and listen to Kevin and The Octaves on their MySpace.

4.21.08 - Pluto Revolts first show and free EP
Ben from Bottom Line has a new band called Pluto Revolts. They are playing their first show this Wednesday, April 23rd at Mad Hatter in Covington, KY with MXPX. Pluto Revolts has an EP available...get this...FOR FREE! Just head to their MySpace to download it. It's amazing stuff. While you're at it, check out what the rest of Bottom Line is up to on their MySpace, where they have some more of the now infamous but still great "John Feldmann songs" posted for your listening pleasure.

3.31.08 - The Interns to play reunion show!
On Saturday May 10, 2008, The Interns will reunite to open for their good friends Punchline at The Grog Shop in Cleveland, site of the band's final show in 2006. Don't miss this opportunity to see the band in action again! Visit The Grog Shop website for more info, and make sure to tell The Interns that your life was forever changed by that "Ghost Whisperer" episode they were in.

10.1.07 - The Scrubs "Complete Discography 1999-2003" now available!
The Scrubs "Complete Discography 1999-2003" has been released in digital-only. It's available from iTunes and all similar stores. It features 21 songs - everything The Scrubs ever recorded that's not on the "Return To The Basement" album. Buy it today and reminisce to your favorite old Scrubs songs like "I Wish It Were Summer," "4:30 AM," "Sugar Coated," "You Can Call Me Al" and more!

9.6.07 - The Interns song on Ghost Whisperer
Check out the upcoming new season of CBS's Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt. You'll catch The Interns song "The Quiet Spaces" playing in an episode!

7.1.07 - Fonzarellies land Knocked Up movie trailer
The Fonzarellies song "Waiting List" appears in a movie trailer for the hot comedy Knocked Up, currently playing on television. This is the same song that played in the pilot episode of HBO's series Big Love last year. To see all of our recent placements in TV, film, commercials and video games, visit the FINISH LAST MUSIC page!

5.26.07 - Band breakups and reunions
Sorry for the lack of updating recently. So here's the skinny. J. Page = broken up. ArcArsenal = broken up. The Fonzarellies = back together?? Bottom Line = still going strong, but no major label release yet. Stay tuned...we're going to release some new records soon!

11.4.06 - Fonzarellies tour help
The Fonzarellies are headed to Mexico this February for some fun, sun and cheap penicillin. If you live in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma or Texas and could help in booking them a show, shoot them a message through their myspace page, MySpace.com/thefonzarellies.

10.20.06 - New ArcArsenal song
ArcArsenal has posted a demo of a new song called "Keep Your Pimp Hand Strong" on their MySpace page: www.myspace.com/arcarsenal513. The song will appear on their forthcoming Nice Guy album.

10.1.06 - Bottom Line in "Waiting" trailer
Bottom Line fans in Europe will be served a special treat, as the song "Happy Ending" plays in the movie trailer for the European release of "Waiting," the restaurant comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Dane Cook.

9.20.06 - J. Page on hiatus
J. Page has decided to take an extended break. As soon as we know more info, we'll post it.

9.4.06 - Travoltas call it quits after 16 years
After 16 years, 7 albums, numerous singles, compilations and videos, Travoltas have decided to call it a day. The band feels that at this point in their lives they would like to focus on other activities, and they feel that they can't give the band the attention and motivation it deserves any longer. Read more at www.Travoltas.com.

7.25.06 - ArcArsenal Warped Tour dates
ArcArsenal will be playing the Vans Warped Tour the next 3 days in St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. Be sure to look for the guys' tent to find out when and where they are playing!

7.22.06 - Bottom Line PETA Public Service Announcement
Head over to Bottom Line's MySpace page to hear a new Public Service Announcement for PETA featuring none other than Ben from Bottom Line! Listen closely - in the background is a new song called "Trainwreck."

7.1.06 - Fonzarellies in "Clerks 2" Trailer
You read correctly. The Fonzarellies song "Are You Ready" plays in a trailer for Kevin Smith's Clerks 2, which is on TV and the Internet now. Go to myspace.com/moobysclerks2 and click on "TV SPOT 2." The movie is in theaters July 21st.

6.20.06 - Bottom Line starts Warped Tour
Bottom Line begins their stint on this year's Vans Warped Tour tomorrow in Nashville, Tennessee! The guys are on the East Coast Indie Stage, and be sure to stop by their booth, because they'll be giving away a free Fossil watch every day.

5.29.06 - We signed ArcArsenal!
Have you ever heard a band you liked instantly so much that you just wanted to tell everyone you know about them? Well that's how we feel about ArcArsenal. So we signed them! You may know these guys - they are from Cincinnati and used to be called Mint 6 Ten. Go check out some songs at myspace.com/ArcArsenal513 and tell them hello!

5.12.06 - Our website is back in full effect
After a month of undergoing maintenance, our website is back in full force. Expect frequent updates, so come back frequently for Nice Guy news and tour dates!

5.7.06 - Vote Bottom Line sexiest vegetarians
Peta2.org has nominated Benjamin James and Cliff Revis of Bottom Line among their Sexiest Vegetarians of 2006! Head over to the site and vote for the guys, whether you think they're truly sexy or not (they are).

5.5.06 - J. Page to tour with New Bruises
J. Page will be hitting the road again in late May with fellow Floridians New Bruises. Check out the dates!

5.3.06 - Another Warped Tour for Bottom Line
Bottom Line will be playing 11 dates of this summer's Vans Warped Tour on the East Coast Indie Stage. This is the 5th Warped Tour for the guys. Congrats!

4.6.06 - Mark Hoppus likes Bottom Line
Dan of Bottom Line was interviewed by none other than one of the band's favorite songwriters ever, Mark Hoppus!!! If you know anything about Bottom Line, you know that they've been huge fans of his songs since the moment they first saw Blink182 in their hometown in the Dude Ranch days. This was all recorded for your listening pleasure! Head over to himynameismark.com or iTunes right now and download Podcast #11, where Dan and Mark discuss Ohio politicians, eating grapes, and the inspiration behind the song "Nothing Is Real!" Also, you have maintained Bottom Line as the #1 requested artist on 97.3FM WAQZ Cincinnati Alternative Radio! The band's goal is to get into the regular rotation, but they need your help by continuing to call in every week until it happens! We know your calls are working so far, so please don't give up! Call the request line @ 513-749-7973 between the following hours and say, "Play more Bottom Line!": Monday-Thursday 11:30-1PM and 3-6PM EST, Friday-Sunday 3-7PM EST, and Sunday "Homegrown" 9-10PM EST.

4.3.06 - The Interns have broken up
It truly breaks our hearts to report that Cleveland's The Interns have broken up. Head to their MySpace page (myspace.com/theinterns) to read the official breakup statement and be sure to check out one of their final 3 shows.

3.17.06 - TV placements for Fonzarellies, Scrubs
The Fonzarellies song "Waiting List" played for about 35 seconds during the series premiere of the new HBO series "Big Love" this past week. In other placement news, The Scrubs song "Passing Through" currently appears in a trailer for the movie "Little Manhattan."

3.12.06 - Bottom Line new song and website
Bottom Line has a few completely awesome new things. After much anticipation, the band has finally made a track available from their upcoming Maverick record called "Today." You can hear it at their MySpace page, where you can also check out a cool little video of some highlights from the recent "Deep Freeze" Tour with Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish. The other new great thing is their website, which is all new at www.wearebottomline.com.

3.10.06 - J. Page on Replacements Tribute comp
J. Page will be appearing on a Replacements tribute compilation due out this summer on 1234go! Records. They will be doing the song "Left Of The Dial," and are joining bands like Against Me!, The Queers and more on the disc.

2.9.06 - New Bottom Line tour dates with Mest
Bottom Line has been added to a string of West Coast dates with Mest, Allister and Scary Kids Scaring Kids in late February. Click HERE for the dates.

1.26.06 - Rest of Bottom Line dates postponed
Bottom Line has finished their dates with Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish. The rest of the tour (with Break Away) has been postponed until March/April sometime. So stay tuned for those dates!

1.15.06 - Updates from J. Page
J. Page is busy writing a new full length album, relieved that drummer Sal is sticking with them after a near brush with rock stardom with The Beautiful Mistake. Meanwhile, two new J. Page interviews are up on Internet websites: PunkRockTheory.com and Mostly Harmless Magazine.

1.5.06 - Bottom Line tour journals
Members of Bottom Line are keeping tour journals on their personal MySpace pages during their tour this month with Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish. For an inside look at the (not so) glamorous life on the road, check out: Ben - Cliff.

12.27.05 - New PureVolume profiles up - add our bands
Purevolume.com has a new design and the Nice Guy artists' profiles have been updated. One of the new features is you can now add bands to your own profile, much like you do on MySpace. Head to Purevolume and stake your claim to the Nice Guy bands! BOTTOM LINE - J. PAGE - THE INTERNS - THE SCRUBS

12.13.05 - Bottom Line touring with Reel Big Fish & Goldfinger
Bottom Line will be joining Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger and Zebrahead on the "Deep Freeze Tour" in January! Click HERE for the dates, which cover the Western USA.

12.1.05 - Bottom Line posts tour dates
Bottom Line hits the road this month with Days Like These and Strike Fire Fall. Click HERE for the dates.

11.14.05 - Fonzarellies in Joan of Arcadia
The Fonzarellies song "Are You Ready" appears in television's Joan Of Arcadia season one on DVD!

11.7.05 - Bottom Line touring in December
Bottom Line will be touring the USA in December with Days Like These (Lobster Records) and Strike Fire Fall. Dates will be announced soon so keep checking back here!

11.4.05 - Ben from Bottom Line on new Mest record
Bottom Line's Benjamin James makes an appearance singing backup vocals on two songs on the new Mest album "Photographs." Ben sings on the songs "Photographs" and "Cursed." For more, check out Bottom Line's MySpace site blog.

10.28.05 - Travoltas tour Japan
Attention Japanese fans: The Travoltas are touring Japan in November! Click HERE for dates.

9.29.05 - Vote for Bottom Line
It's Cincinnati Entertainment Award time again. This year, Bottom Line has been nominated for "Best Musical Ambassador." Help the guys out and go HERE to vote for them. In other news, J. Page's "Goodbye Chapel Hill" is now available on iTunes.

9.7.05 - Get to know J. Page; then go see them play
J. Page is on fire! Check out two recent interviews, one in AMP Magazine (it looks cooler in the print version) and another at ThePunkSite.com. Their tour starts in a few days, so go see them play and maybe let them sleep on your floor.

8.28.05 - New Interns MP3, Scrubs shows, Bottom Line updates
The Intens have posted a new MP3 called "Waking The Dead" on their MySpace site. Check it out - it's catchy as hell! The Scrubs are popping up again for 2 shows September 2nd and 3rd in Cincinnati. And Bottom Line has posted on their MySpace site another studio update from L.A., including pictures, where they're busy recording with John Feldmann and attempting to learn to surf.

8.10.05 - Magazine accolades for J. Page, Bottom Line
Check out a nice review of the J. Page album in the new issue of Alternative Press. Also, check out a featured review of Bottom Line's "Eloquence" in the new Verbicide. Both magazines are on shelves now.

7.26.05 - J. Page in stores today
Today is the day. The new CD from J. Page, the band featuring ex-members of The Scaries and As Friends Rust, is in your favorite independent record store. Go buy it there or buy it online from our store for just $6 including shipping. Check out some of the great reviews the album is getting HERE. If you even remotely like Hot Water Music, As Friends Rust, or anything from the Gainesville scene, you're going to love this CD! Also, J. Page got some front page love from Interpunk.com this week.

7.15.05 - Bottom Line South America Tour delayed
Bottom Line is heading into the studio next week to begin recording their Maverick debut with John Feldmann. As a result, the band's scheduled tour of South America has been postponed. The band apologizes to all its fans in Colombia and Venezuela, and promises to make it there before the end of the year.

7.10.05 - J. Page tour
J. Page's debut EP "Goodbye Chapel Hill" hits stores July 26th, and the band will be on the road supporting it this summer. Click HERE for dates, and email them if you can help out with a show. The Interns will also be playing a lot in August, and When Sparks Fly made their long-awaited return to the stage this month.

6.17.05 - Attention all unsigned bands
The Vans Warped Tour begins tomorrow, and Nice Guy is a sponsor of a booth called "Demo-Listen." The purpose of this tent is so people can sample music from local bands from each city who aren't necessarily big enough to play on the tour. Bring your band's demo to the tent and put it in the Nice Guy Records Punk Rock Demo Drop-Box! We'll be carefully reviewing all demos placed in this box during the Warped Tour so we can hopfully find the next Nice Guy artist. For more info on Demo-Listen, visit Myspace.com/demolisten.

6.6.05 - Bottom Line tops charts
Thanks for making Bottom Line's new album "Eloquence" number 1 on DownloadPunk.com in its first week! Also, we have 4 new Bottom Line t-shirt designs in our online store, as well as Bottom Line hooded sweatshirts, plus new t-shirts and zip-up hoodies for The Interns. Check them out HERE. If you own "Eloquence," use the username and password enclosed in the CD to access all sorts of bonus material like acoustic songs, demo tracks and a video at Eloquencealbum.com.

5.31.05 - New Bottom Line in stores today
"Eloquence," the new record from Bottom Line, hits stores today. Check it out in places like FYE, Hot Topic, Tower Records, and your favorite independent music store. For a limited time, if you order directly from the Nice Guy site, your copy comes autographed by the band. For digital folks, buy the MP3s at DownloadPunk.com.

5.21.05 - Bottom Line signs to Maverick; to work with John Feldmann
Bottom Line ended months of rumors and speculation by announcing in this week's Citybeat cover story that they have signed with Maverick Records and are working with producer John Feldmann (Goldfinger, The Used, Story Of The Year). Read the entire article HERE. We at Nice Guy are ecstatic about everything that is happening. "Eloquence," the album that fueled all of this, hits stores on Tuesday!

5.6.05 - Exclusive autographed Bottom Line "Eloquence" preorder
Can't wait for the new Bottom Line CD to drop May 31st? Well, we have 100 copies autographed by the band that you can buy exclusively in the Nice Guy online store...right now! Act fast, or else you'll have to wait until the end of May to get your still cool, but not-autographed copy. Click HERE to order.

5.6.05 - Exclusive autographed Bottom Line "Eloquence" preorder
Can't wait for the new Bottom Line CD to drop May 31st? Well, we have 100 copies autographed by the band that you can buy exclusively in the Nice Guy online store...right now! Act fast, or else you'll have to wait until the end of May to get your still cool, but not-autographed copy. Click HERE to order.

4.18.05 - New MP3 from The Interns
The Interns have posted a new MP3 at www.myspace.com/theinterns. The song, "The Quiet Spaces," is a sneak peek at their current work with producer Jamie Woolford. Check out the song and leave them feedback on their MySpace page!

4.11.05 - Release date for Bottom Line's "Eloquence"
Bottom Line's much anticipated new album "Eloquence" will be in stores May 31st. We apologize for the slight push-back, but it will be well worth it, as it will be in many more stores than before. Great reviews of the album are pouring in. Check out www.eloquencealbum.com to view some of them.

3.29.05 - The Interns and Bottom Line updates
The Interns have begun work on a full length record with Jamie Woolford of The Stereo fame. The record will be released later this year, but stay tuned to our website and the band's website for some sneak peek mp3s up shortly. Bottom Line has announced another tour with Goldfinger beginning in late April! Click HERE for dates. You can check out both of these artists on Apple iTunes!

3.8.05 - More Bottom Line with Goldfinger
Bottom Line has picked up a few more dates with Goldfinger and theSTART. Folks in Boulder, Salt Lake City, Tuscon, Tempe and Los Angeles are in for a treat! Click HERE for dates.

2.25.05 - J. Page tour starts today
J. Page starts a month-long tour today that covers the Midwest and Eastern parts of the country, including most dates with Deep Elm artist Lock and Key. Click HERE for the dates and go check them out!

2.8.05 - Bottom Line interview & new WSF member
Check out this new interview Bottom Line did with Teenspot.com. Also, When Sparks Fly has added a new member. He is a bassist named Jayson and you might recognize him from past bands like Twelve Tribes and Waking Kills The Dream.

1.31.05 - Please welcome J. Page
We're very excited to have J. Page join the Nice Guy family. They are from Gainesville, Florida and you might recognize some of the members from their past bands As Friends Rust and The Scaries. Check out some MP3s at Myspace.com/Jpage. Their debut CD EP "Goodbye Chapel Hill" comes out in May!

1.22.05 - Bottom Line tour dates with Goldfinger
Check out Bottom Line on tour with Goldfinger and theSTART in February! Click HERE to see the dates.

1.16.05 - Nice Guy Year in Pictures
It's back by popular demand! Check out the Nice Guy 2004 Year in Pictures, a photo-graphical year in review of Nice Guy Records happenings. From the most rocking to the most bizarre, it's all there.

1.1.05 - First news update of 2005
Happy new year! A few assorted news items: The Scrubs "Return To The Basement" is currently being played on XM Radio Unsigned "Radar Report." The Interns have a brand new and improved website and some hot upcoming tour dates. They also have another MP3 posted on their Purevolume site of a song called "Orange and Gray." And finally, our thoughts are with everyone in Indonesia and elsewhere affected by the recent devastation, and our support goes to all of the brave and selfless people currently providing aid in that part of the world. We have contributed to Oxfam, and encourage everyone to give whatever you can to your preferred relief organization.

12.21.04 - Tower Records & Nice Guy
Need last-minute gift ideas? All Tower Records stores have The Scrubs "Return To The Basement" and the "Pop Punk Fever 2" compilation in stock! Additional Nice Guy titles are available on their website Tower.com.

12.18.04 - New Merch and No Trigger
We have new T-shirts from The Scrubs and The Interns in the store. Click HERE to check them out. Also, in January we will be distributing the new album from Massachusetts hardcore punk band No Trigger. Their CD "Extinction in Stereo" is being released by Big Mouth Japan (the best record label in the whole world) and Nice Guy will be taking care of it in the USA. Head to Purevolume.com/notrigger to get pumped.

11.9.04 - Scrubs and Pop Punk Fever 2 drop today
The Scrubs "Return To The Basement" and our new comp "Pop Punk Fever 2" both hit stores today. Good reviews are pouring in of The Scrubs. Please ask for these records in stores if they don't have them already. If you prefer to shop online, you can find them at Amazon, Interpunk, Smartpunk and in our online store.

11.4.04 - New in our online store
You can now order the "Pop Punk Fever 2" CD and the new Scrubs CD "Return To The Basement" in our online store for just $6 each. These CDs hit land stores on the 9th. We also have new Scrubs stickers available. From now until the end of the year, no extra shipping charge to Canada (for all of you choosing to relocate due to election results)!

10.10.04 - Vote for Bottom Line
Bottom Line has been nominated again for the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Punk! Please visit www.citybeat.com/cea and vote for them. With your help, they can make it two years in a row! (You only have to vote in that one category, you don't have to be from Cincinnati to vote, and no, they won't spam you if you enter your email address)

10.3.04 - Please welcome The Interns
That's right. The newest addition to the Nice Guy family is Cleveland power-pop trio The Interns. We are re-releasing their self-titled EP, and we will be releasing a full length sometime in 2005. They also appear on the upcoming Pop Punk Fever 2 compilation. If you haven't heard these guys yet, check out an MP3 at purevolume.com/theinterns immediately!

10.1.04 - When Sparks Fly gets AMPed
We're proud to announce that When Sparks Fly has scored a sponsorship from AMP Energy from Mountain Dew. The band recently recorded a 6-Pack (6-minute music sampler/interview) that appears on AMP 6 Packs Vol. 17. Call your local college radio station and request it!

9.20.04 - Pop Punk Fever 2 track listing
We've posted the track listing and cover art for the Pop Punk Fever 2 compilation, which hits stores November 9th. Our best comp yet features bands like Punchline, The Queers, The Mr. T Experience, Halifax, The Lawrence Arms and more, and of course, some that you've never heard of that a year from now will be everyone's favorite bands. Click HERE to check it out.

9.16.04 - Bottom Line hits Top 10
More news regarding Downloadpunk.com. Bottom Line is currently in the Top 10 artists downloaded, right up there with all the huge punk acts. Thanks for putting them there! If you haven't checked out the site yet, we encourage you to - it's pretty sweet. In other news, stay tuned because we're about to announce a new signing to Nice Guy...

8.24.04 - Out-of-print titles now available
You can now get out-of-print Nice Guy albums in MP3 format from Downloadpunk.com. This includes The Scrubs "Complete Discography 1999-2001" (which includes the entire 'Makin' A Mess' and 'Don't Fall Twice' albums plus some unreleased stuff), Dropkickmejesus "Love Sucks" and Moloko Plus "Running On Empty." You can also buy all the other Nice Guy releases and songs in MP3 format. In case you haven't seen it yet, DownloadPunk is a cool new site that's sorta like iTunes for punk rock.

8.11.04 - Bottom Line on Purevolume
Bottom Line is featured on the front page of Purevolume.com this week! Click HERE to check it out. Be sure to catch the band at the Midwest Music Summit on 8/12 and at the Vans Warped Tour 8/15 through 8/17.

7.28.04 - Listen to Nice Guy Radio
We added a fancy new Flash radio player to the site. To rock out to Nice Guy bands while you web-surf, click HERE to open the player.

7.17.04 - The Scrubs new shows and EP
The Scrubs are back in action with two shows in August (one with The Queers plus Cincinnati Warped Tour). They are also putting the finishing touches on a brand new EP. More info and sound clips will be posted shortly.

6.27.04 - Vote for When Sparks Fly & The Scrubs
Please head to http://battle.ernieball.com and vote for When Sparks Fly and The Scrubs in the Ernia Ball Battle of the Bands. You can vote every day! This contest is related to the bands' appearance on the Vans Warped Tour this year.

6.25.04 - Bottom Line Tour Dates
Bottom Line is on tour all summer long. View the dates and details HERE and make sure you check them out live. They'll be showcasing some of the material from their upcoming album "Eloquence," due out in October.

6.2.04 - When Sparks Fly to play Strhessfest
When Sparks Fly will be playing Strhessfest 2004 in Cleveland, Ohio on August 15th (the day before their Warped Tour date). Also playing this fest are Thursday, Finch, Converge, Shadows Fall, Senses Fail and more. Check it out at www.strhessfest.com.

5.12.04 - Nice Guy bands get Warped
We are pleased to announce that this will be Bottom Line's fourth straight summer on the Vans Warped Tour. They will be playing August 15th through 17th in Detroit, Cincinnati and Columbus. Joining them at the Cincinnati stop (8/16) are When Sparks Fly and The Scrubs, both of whom were selected to play on the Ernie Ball Local Heroes stage.

5.9.04 - New website is up
Our new website is finally up and active. We hope you enjoy it. Please email P.J. if you spot any problems.

4.12.04 - Bottom Line shoots video
Bottom Line has been busy shooting a music video for "Nothing Is Real (As If It Ever Was)" off of their upcoming album. Click HERE for a picture taken at one of the shoots.

3.23.04 - New When Sparks Fly website
When Sparks Fly has a new website. Click HERE to check it out. And make sure you sign the guestbook!

3.5.04 - When Sparks Fly tour dates
When Sparks Fly is hitting the road this month with Hawthorne Heights (Victory Records). Click HERE for dates and info. Make sure you see these bands live if they come near you - it should be quite the rock tour.

2.25.04 - Attention drummers:
We're on the verge of signing a new band. Problem is, they need a new drummer. If you want to drum for a Nice Guy band, click HERE for more info.

2.21.04 - New Bottom Line song available
Bottom Line is in the midst of recording their new album, due out in July. We're so excited about the songs, we had to let you hear one of the demo recordings. Listen to "Alive" by clicking HERE.

1.31.04 - Bottom Line tour & radio dates
Bottom Line is taking a break from recording their new album to hit the East Coast for a week. Check the SHOWS page for details. Also, catch the band live on the DJ Rossstar Program on February 4th at 6 PM!

1.16.04 - Virgin Megastore
Select Nice Guy releases are now available at Virgin Megastores nationwide!!

1.7.04 - Nice Guy in the News
Upbeetmusic.com has named Nice Guy number 1 in its "labels to watch out for in 2004" and When Sparks Fly in its "bands to watch out for in 2004." Also, check out our cover story this week in CIN Weekly!

1.1.04 - Happy New Year!
We've once again put together a look at the year past in pictures. Check out the Nice Guy 2003 Year in Pictures HERE. Nice Guy bands will be on the road this month, so go enjoy some live rock, including a second Scrubs reunion show on 1/9. Also, check out new websites for Bottom Line and The Scrubs.

12.10.03 - Bottom Line tops charts; Girl Tees are here
Bottom Line's "Nevertheless" has reached #1 on the Soundclick.com Punk charts! Pay a visit and download a song and maybe we can keep them there. Also, by popular demand, we now have Nice Guy Records girl shirts available in our STORE.

12.1.03 - Bottom Line & When Sparks Fly news
Congratulations to Bottom Line, winners of the 2003 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best Punk. When Sparks Fly's new CD is currently featured in the "Local" section on Interpunk.com and they are the featured download on Ameripunk.net. Also, we now have When Sparks Fly calendars available in our STORE. In the absence of Mp3.com, we have a new Nice Guy mp3 page up at Soundclick.com/niceguyrecords.

11.25.03 - We Who Are About To Die now available
The new When Sparks Fly CD is officially out now and in stores. Head over to our online STORE where you'll find two new When Sparks Fly T-shirts as well as Nice Guy Records hoodies, just in time for the Winter. We also have a deal where you can get the new WSF CD, a WSF poster and 2 WSF stickers for just $7. When Sparks Fly will be touring the Midwest in support of the release, so check for a SHOW near you.

11.12.03 - When Sparks Fly pre-sale
As you know by now, the WSF CD comes out on 11/25. However, you can get it one week early, beginning on 11/18, exclusively at Best Buy stores! Also, WSF posters and stickers are available now in our online STORE.

11.2.03 - Travoltas 13-year anniversary
On November 9th, the Travoltas are playing a 13-year anniversary show in their hometown of Tilburg, The Netherlands with special guests The Apers and One In A Million. If you're around there, go check it out! See their WEBSITE for more info.

10.26.03 - New When Sparks Fly mp3
When Sparks Fly's "We Who Are About To Die" CD comes out in just under a month. We're so excited about it, we just couldn't give you only one mp3. So we've posted another in the MP3s section. Check it out. Also, head over to Ameripunk.net and vote for Bottom Line in their virtual Battle of the Bands, where they're currently squaring off with California's Staring Back.

10.3.03 - Vote for Bottom Line
For the second straight year, Bottom Line has been nominated for a Cincinnati Entertainment Award in the Punk category. Go to citybeat.com/cea and vote for them. With your help, maybe they can actually win this year!

9.8.03 - Bottom Line starts their engines
A Bottom Line song will appear in the movie 'Joyride,' which is about the notorious Gumball 3000 race and comes out in December. Go HERE to learn more about this star-studded insanity. Bottom Line also is on the new Caddy Of The Year 3 compilation which comes out today in Australia. Other bands on the comp include Sum 41, The Get Up Kids, Yellowcard, The Starting Line, Rufio, Brand New and more. Visit Below Par Records for more info.

8.28.03 - New addition to the Nice Guy family!
Please welcome the newest artist to join the Nice Guy family, When Sparks Fly. These guys are from Dayton, Ohio and they rock hard. Their new EP entitled "We Who Are About to Die" will be released in late November. Click HERE to download a song from it called "Finding the Weapons of Self Destruction." Also, Bottom Line is currently the featured band on StrugglingPunks.com.

8.12.03 - Various Updates
The Bottom Line show at Bogart's in Cincinnati with Yellowcard has been posponed. Also, the Travoltas are on the new Jawbreaker tribute CD doing the song "Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault." Check it out HERE. And finally, don't miss The Scrubs reunion show on August 29th at Sudsy Malone's in Cincy!

7.22.03 - Come see us at KrazyFest
We'll have a booth this year at Initial Records KrazyFest in Louisville, Kentucky August 1st through 3rd. So come say hi! We'll be selling stuff for cheap, too.

7.13.03 - New Nice Guy T-shirts are here
We have a brand new Nice Guy T-shirt design in. All sizes are in stock and it costs $10 postage paid. Buy it while it's still hot out! [front] [back] [purchase]

6.18.03 - Nice Guys Finish Last is now available
"Nice Guys Finish Last" is now available online and in stores nationwide. Also, congrats to Amy Sepkovich for winning the pair of Cincinnati Warped Tour tickets!

6.27.03 - Punkcomp.com & Interpunk contest now up
Punkcomp.com, the site dedicated to the new "Nice Guys Finish Last" compilation, is now online. Visit to vote for your favorite song, listen to bonus tracks and much more. Also, more Bottom Line tour dates have been posted. Go support these guys! Go to Interpunk.com and enter to win a Bottom Line Warped Tour survival kit!

6.18.03 - Nice Guys Finish Last is now available
"Nice Guys Finish Last" is now available online and in stores nationwide. Also, congrats to Amy Sepkovich for winning the pair of Cincinnati Warped Tour tickets!

6.10.03 Get Nice Guys Finish Last early
The "Nice Guys Finish Last" comp will be in stores in one week, but you can get it starting today only at Interpunk.com! The CD Release Party is at The Void in Cincinnati on Sat. June 14th, featuring Bottom Line, Everafter, Curbsquirrels and Fling 10.

5.23.03 Win 2 tickets to the Vans Warped Tour!
We're giving away two tickets to see Bottom Line on the Cincinnati stop of the Vans Warped Tour June 26th! Enter HERE. Contest ends on June 16th.

5.20.03 Vote for Bottom Line - make them stars!
There's a kinda cool contest going on over at www.makeastar.com. Please go each week and vote for Bottom Line. We're not sure what they win, but hey, winning stuff is fun!

4.29.03 Bottom Line gets Warped; Skate/Surf news
Bottom Line will return to the Vans Warped Tour this summer, playing 14 dates! Check the SHOWS page to see the cities and venues. In other news, the Nice Guy crew made it back from New Jersey, site of the Skate and Surf Fest, through 20 hours of driving, about $30 in tolls, and walking in Asbury Park at night. We managed to meet a lot of cool people and take in some killer sets from the likes of Thursday, Midtown, The Reunion Show, Recover, Since By Man and more. Oh, and Max Weinberg stopped by our booth! Click HERE for pictures.

11.19.02 Bottom Line Japanese tour with Midtown!
Bottom Line has scored the opening slot for Midtown on tour this December in Japan. Check out the dates HERE. If you live in Japan, please come out and say hello.

11.5.02 - Happy Election Day
Don't forget to go vote. And afterward, check out the November deals we have going on in the Nice Guy online store. All sorts of freebies!

10.23.02 - Yet more cool Bottom Line stuff
Wanna see the coolest thing ever? Check out the brand new Bottom Line E-CARD! Also, read up on the band in the new issue of Cincinnati Citybeat.

10.07.02 - Bottom Line mania!
Win one of 3 autographed copies of Bottom Line's new CD right now at Pucknation.com. Also, make sure you vote for Bottom Line in the 2002 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards HERE. And finally, check out the band's new website!

10.01.02 - New Bottom Line CD now available
Ask for "In and Out of Luck" in your favorite independent record store! Or pick up your copy right now at Interpunk at RevHQ or in the Nice Guy online store, where it comes with a free Bottom Line poster, postcard, and sticker! Also, check out a new interview and band feature at Decoy Online.

09.15.02 - New addition to Nice Guy family!
We're signing Anchor set, a melodic hardcore band from Boston, MA. Click HERE to take a look at them and listen to an mp3 from their self-titled album, which will be released in November.

Check out this mp3 from the upcoming Bottom Line CD. The song is called "Nevertheless" and the album, called "In and Out of Luck," comes out October 1st! <DOWNLOAD MP3>

Bottom Line is now on a full week of the Warped Tour on the east coast! Be sure to go check them out if you're there. The new Bottom Line CD comes out October 1st...stay tuned for mp3s.

Check it out - The Fonzarellies CD is featured on Interpunk! Also, be sure to stop by the Ernie Ball battle of the bands website this summer and vote for them.

It is that time of the year...time for the Warped Tour! If you live near Omaha, be sure to catch The Fonzarellies at the Warped Tour there this Tuesday. If you live near Boston or Washington, D.C., you'll get to see Bottom Line at your Warped show in August. Also, be on the lookout for the "Pop Punk Fever" CD being sold for real cheap on the tour: at the Punknews.com booth in the midwest, at the Poppunk.com booth on the east coast, and by Nice Guy ourselves at the Ohio dates.

Looking to make some extra cash? Nice Guy is looking for a part-time paid intern to help with booking and tour promotion. We'd prefer if you're 18 or older and have some experience with booking shows before. Email us if you're interested.

Karl just re-organized the street team and sent out an email update. So if you're on the street team and didn't get it because you've changed your email address, please email with the new one. Thanks.

We finally have a decent looking website! We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to email us with any comments or suggestions. Speaking of new websites, The Fonzarellies have a new one up as well (www.fonzarellies.com). Be sure to check the TOUR DATES page, as summer touring mania is about to begin for all of our bands. Bottom Line and The Fonzarellies each will be playing dates on the Vans Warped Tour, and The Travoltas will be in the USA for 6 weeks!

They're out! Ask for the new Fonzarellies and Travoltas CDs at your local independent record store, or order them directly from us. All orders come with free posters and stickers!

New full length CDs out May 14th: The Fonzarellies "Sweet Velvet Runaway" and Travoltas "Step on the Gas...and don't look back!" Check out some MP3s. Bottom Line is about to hit the studio to record the re-release of "In and Out of Luck" for release in August. It will feature 5 re-recorded songs from the original EP and at least 5 brand new ones. The new website will be up soon, we promise, so keep an eye out for some contests and giveaways that will go along with that. Lastly, a big thanks to the 75,000 or so people who marched in Washington, D.C. last weekend and showed the world that not all Americans blindly support U.S. and Israeli military action in the Middle East and elsewhere!

We now have Nice Guy 2002 Sampler CDs available for just $1 each! They feature 2 songs each from Travoltas, The Fonzarellies, and Bottom Line, all yet-to-be-released. This is a great, cheap way to check out the upcoming Travoltas and Fonzarellies CDs and see what Bottom Line has been working on as well. Also, we're working on a brand new and much improved website and online store that we hope will be up in the next few weeks.

Congrats to David Hutchison of Illinois and Trey Baxter of North Carolina, winners of the latest Email-List Giveaway. Each won a package of Fonzarellies and Last Laugh goodies. Sign up for the list below so you can win free stuff next time!

So what's with all the hype about the TRAVOLTAS? Check out a couple mp3s from their upcoming CD here! The "Step on the Gas" CD comes out May 14th. Mp3s from the upcoming Fonzarellies CD will be posted soon so stay tuned.

The band and Nice Guy decided to let their "In and Out of Luck" CD EP go out of print. Then, in August, the NEW "In and Out of Luck" will be released...a full length CD featuring new recordings of some of the old songs plus a bunch of brand new songs and new artwork. For more details, keep an eye on the coming soon page.

Check out some cool interviews with BOTTOM LINE and with LAST LAUGH at Punkradiocast.com. The interviews are in audio format so you can listen to them. How cool is that! Also, LAST LAUGH was just named Local Band of the Year by Carbondale's Nightlife Magazine. Congrats!

BOTTOM LINE will be all over the midwest this winter, so check the shows page and see them when they come play near you! Good and bad news for some friends of Nice Guy...ULTIMATE FAKEBOOK (as heard on the "Ohio and Beyond" comp) has signed to Louisville's Initial Records and will have a new album out in March. ROD, however, recently experienced some misfortune in the form of equipment theft. Please go to their webpage, read up, and help out if you can. Have a happy and safe New Year!

We're putting out a Travoltas record!!! We just couldn't keep it a secret anymore. Nice Guy will be releasing a Travoltas CD entitled "Step on the Gas (and Don't Look Back)" in May 2002, that is a collection of B-sides and rare songs all previously unavailable in the USA. Check out their bio on the BANDS page and check out their official site too.

The band and Nice Guy decided to let their "In and Out of Luck" CD EP go out of print. Then, in August, the NEW "In and Out of Luck" will be released...a full length CD featuring new recordings of some of the old songs plus a bunch of brand new songs and new artwork. For more details, keep an eye on the coming soon page.

Check out some cool interviews with BOTTOM LINE and with LAST LAUGH at Punkradiocast.com. The interviews are in audio format so you can listen to them. How cool is that! Also, LAST LAUGH was just named Local Band of the Year by Carbondale's Nightlife Magazine. Congrats!

BOTTOM LINE will be all over the midwest this winter, so check the shows page and see them when they come play near you! Good and bad news for some friends of Nice Guy...ULTIMATE FAKEBOOK (as heard on the "Ohio and Beyond" comp) has signed to Louisville's Initial Records and will have a new album out in March. ROD, however, recently experienced some misfortune in the form of equipment theft. Please go to their webpage, read up, and help out if you can. Have a happy and safe New Year!

Time to start that holiday shopping already! We've got a way to take care of all of your friends this holiday season...the Pop Punk Package Deal! Get a Pop Punk Fever CD, a Pop Punk Fever poster, and a Pop Punk Fever sticker for just $7. Or, get 2 of each for just $10--that's an $18 value! Price is postage-paid...not too shabby.

We are sad to report that DROPKICKMEJESUS, one of the original Nice Guy bands, is no longer together.

BOTTOM LINE and LAST LAUGH are both featured on a crazy cool skiing video that just came out, along with bands like Pennywise, AFI, Pulley, and RX Bandits. Go to Midwestskier.com to check it out.

Look out! Both LAST LAUGH and THE FONZARELLIES will be on tour in January. Stay tuned for dates...

Nice Guy is now distributed in Japan. If you know someone who lives there, tell them they can pick up a CD at their local store! This past week, LAST LAUGH was playing a show in Illinois with The Methadones. Last Laugh covered a Screeching Weasel tune and Danny Vapid came up and played bass with them! Finally, we urge you all to go to the Cincinnati Citybeat webpage and vote for THE SCRUBS in the "Best Punk/Ska" category.

It's out! Catch Pop Punk Fever at your favorite local store today. If they don't have it, make them get it! You can also buy it online right here or at Poppunk.com, Interpunk.com, or RevHQ.com.
Also, we have sold out of THE SCRUBS "Summer Sampler" CD.

You can now preorder the "Pop Punk Fever" CD. Just click HERE! First 200 orders get free stuff. Order now and have it the day it comes out!

Wondering how you can help the relief effort? HERE's a good list of resources. Also, we will be taking donations to the Relief Fund at the "Pop Punk Fever" release show on 9/22 in Cincinnati. Whatever is raised that night, Nice Guy is going to match!

Everyone loves free stuff! Make your way over to United Front Webzine right now and enter the contest to win a Pop Punk Fever fun pack, featuring a poster and a sticker to go along with your very own copy of our upcoming compilation CD "Pop Punk Fever" delivered to your home the day it comes out!

THE SCRUBS played a reunion show in Cincinnati, Ohio last night. They passed out samplers of their new material. A few copies remain and can be purchased for $3 right here. Also, THE FONZARELLIES have begun recording for their upcoming full length record.

BOTTOM LINE'S "In and Out of Luck" CD is temporarily out of stock. If you order it, please allow 3-4 weeks for it to come.

BOTTOM LINE is now on part 2 of their summer tour, playing some pretty great shows. See when they're coming to your town on the SHOWS page. Nice Guy intern Krazy Karl will be accompanying the boys so if you're at one of the shows be sure to say hi!

Go to www.newfoundglory.com and right on the main page with the tour pictures from Cincinnati, you'll find Nice Guy president Jamie chillin' with his BOTTOM LINE shirt on, along with Mike Scrub.

Check out the COMING SOON page for the final track listing for the "Pop Punk Fever" comp, in stores in September.

We had a great time chilling in our booth at the Sparta, KY Warped Tour show. Much thanks goes out to our friends at Springman Records. Speaking of Warped Tour and Nice Guy, the fun isn't over yet...BOTTOM LINE will be playing at the Boston show August 9th!

Right now, THE FONZARELLIES are playing at the Warped Tour in Kansas City! BOTTOM LINE just got back from their first full tour and it was a rousing success, thanks to you all. Nice Guy was in full effect at the Blink 182 show in our hometown of Cincinnati yesterday and we enjoyed meeting many of you. We look forward to meeting even more of you at the Warped Tour show in Cincy. Speaking of Cincy, we have some great upcoming shows with the likes of The Impossibles, Osker, and Rise Against. Check it out HERE.

We now have a shopping cart system on the website. It should make your online shopping experience that much more enjoyable.

Look for Nice Guy Records at the Warped Tour show in Sparta, KY. We'll likely be hanging around the Springman Records table and passing out lots of free stuff! So stop by and say hello.

THE FONZARELLIES will be playing the Vans Warped Tour July 10th in Kansas City, KS!

We caught wind of a rumor that on the upcoming Squirtun CD, they cover a song by LAST LAUGH.

New Stuff!! LAST LAUGH T-shirts, new FONZARELLIES stickers, and new Nice Guy stickers. Also, check out the new SCRUBS website at www.thescrubs.net.

Way too much fun was had as the Nice Guy crew spent the whole weekend with THE FONZARELLIES during the Ohio portion of their tour. If you think their CD is good, wait until you see them live! Upcoming show dates for all bands have been updated on the SHOWS page.

THE FONZARELLIES now have a page up at mp3.com: www.mp3.com/fonzarellies for those of you who like that stuff. The Fonzies will be on tour beginning 5/24 and stretching through June. View the SHOWS to see when they're coming near you.

THE FONZARELLIES joined BOTTOM LINE as a featured band on Interpunk Local. Check it out at www.interpunk.com/local. If you order the Fonzies CD from Interpunk right now, it comes with a free poster!

It's out! You can now order the FONZARELLIES CD direct from Nice Guy for $6 postage paid either online or through the mail. Later this week, you'll be able to get it from Interpunk and from your favorite independent record store.

THE FONZARELLIES and Nice Guy Records were the subject of an article in the Omaha World-Herald today. READ all about it. Two days till impact!

Four days till impact! That's four days until The Fonzarellies CD is out. Meanwhile, we now have Fonzarellies posters that look like THIS available for $3 ppd or $2 with an order.

We added a COMING SOON page so you can get some info on the projects we have in the works. Check it out!

Not much going on here except for terrible race riots in our home town of Cincinnati...oh and getting ready for the release of the Fonzarellies "Beautiful" CD EP on May 5th--the best record ever!

Our website has been down off and on the past couple of days. Apologies for the inconvenience and hopefully it will stay up and you'll be reading this.

In case anyone cares, we finally put the Links page up.

The new Last Laugh CD EP "Going Nowhere" is finally available! Check out an mp3 on the mp3s page and if you like it, order the CD for just $6 postage paid.

Check out the review of "Ohio and Beyond" up at Punkbands.com!

All new mp3s are up on the mp3s page. And they work for real this time!

Want to win a free copy of the "Ohio and Beyond" compilation? Go to Poppunk.com and enter their contest in which they are giving away 5 copies!

FREE STICKERS! We are trying to get rid of some of these excess promo stickers from all sorts of bands big and small that we have lying around. Send us a stamp and we will send you an envelope chock full of them! (This offer is over as of 3/26)

In case you don't know yet, Moloko Plus has changed their name to Last Laugh. They were featured on the cover of the Carbondale alternative news weekly this past week. Check out the article HERE. Their new Nice Guy CD EP "Going Nowhere will be out next week!

Check out this MP3 from the upcoming Fonzarellies CD EP. The CD will be out in May and it's called "Beautiful." Check out their webpage at http://fonzarellies.niceguyrecords.com

The Scrubs began recording three new songs at Backstage Studios in Kentucky today. They rock.

Welcome to our brand new website! As you will notice, we now have secure online ordering through PAYPAL. Let us know if you run across any problems with the site.

Bottom Line continues to tear up the Interpunk charts. Check it out!

Bottom Line is currently featured on Interpunk Local! Check it out!!

2 new pages to check out: The new Bottom Line webpage is up: www.bottomlinepunk.com. And check out the new Cincy shows page at http://cincyshows.niceguyrecords.com.

Are you in a good band that no one's ever heard of? Well Nice Guy is teaming up with Poppunk.com to put out a compilation of such bands. If you're interested, head on over to www.poppunk.com and send them your demo right away!

Today we attained distribution through Choke Distribution! (www.choked.com)

We're signing a new band! The Fonzarellies from Omaha, Nebraska stole our hearts like they soon will yours. Check them out at http://bounce.to/fonzies

Everyone go to www.punknet.com/ww1 and vote for Bottom Line, Molokoplus, and Dropkickmejesus in Punknet's World War I!

The "Ohio and Beyond" compilation is OUT! It can be mailordered from us for just $4 PPD. That's 27 songs for only 4 bucks! Artists include all of the Nice Guy bands plus Pinhead Circus, Ultimate Fakebook, Midtown, Selby Tigers, F.Y.P., Link 80, Luckie Strike, Sparechange00, Strike Anywhere, The Chinkees, The Unknown, Saturday Supercade, Rod, Amazing Transparent Man, Dirt Bike Annie, Ruth's Hat, Sidecar, Hope, and NoGood Heroes. See the track listing HERE.

Our site is now hosted by the generous folks at Poppunk.com. No more pop-up ads!

BOTTOM LINE was on the radio! 97.3 in Cincinnati played their new song "Happy Ending," which will appear on the "Ohio and Beyond" compilation CD.

Happy New Year! Guess what? THE SCRUBS' "Makin' A Mess" CD is ALL GONE!! A couple copies are still available at Interpunk and Punk Warehouse but that's it. Hope you got a copy. If not you'll have to wait around for a repress. The new year brought for us more of MOLOKOPLUS getting harrassed about their name and the trademark issue, even after they've changed it. Keep your fingers crossed that we don't get sued...

You can now order Nice Guy CDs online with your credit card through both PunkWarehouse.com and Interpunk.com. In fact, the Bottom Line CD is featured on the main page at Punk Warehouse this week!